Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Getting Ready for Opening Day

Hey everyone!

I just did an interview with Orthodox Union Radio - take a listen to for the audio!

In the meantime, I've been pretty busy with tying up all sorts of loose ends before we fly out in two weeks. (Two weeks! Can't BELIEVE how fast the time has flown!) Work clients have to have their issues resolved, my cell phone service has to be suspended, my roommates need to be instructed on how to pay bills (and feed my fish) in my absence, I need to stay in shape and continue to work out, and I need to pack! I know I'm going to wind up bringing twenty pairs of socks and three pair of underwear; I just get forgetful like that... If anyone out there has any recommendations for what to bring other than the basics, I'm all ears.

We have a practice tomorrow morning with the local IBLers, our next-to-last Wednesday practice. I've really enjoyed them, and I feel they've helped me a lot - especially with my batting stroke - so I feel confident going into this season about my chances to stay healthy and succeed. Looking forward to leading Netanya into the playoffs!


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Judy said...

Hi, I posted a message to you on myspace, don't know if you check it much. I live in Israel with my husband and kids and would be glad to be in touch with you when you arrive. Check the myspace message for details. Best of luck! Judy